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The Seed of the Flower of Life

The ancient symbol called the "Flower of Life", is a pattern that represents the unity of all life and consciousness within the Universe.

The circle can be seen as a two dimensional shadow of a sphere. Atoms, cells, seeds, planets, star systems and natural cycles all echo this circular nature. The circle is the primary symbol and organizing principle for the CERES Project because it represents the coherence and wholeness of all life.

The "flower of Life" is made up of nineteen intersecting circles encompassed by two concentric rings. The seed of the Flower of Life is composed of seven of these intersecting circles.  It is the seed pattern that provides us with the template upon which we describe the seven universal archtypical patterns of the CERES Project. They are our basis for establishing a spiritually grounded, environmentally aware, and sustainable society.

All living systems on earth are interconnected. 

Both ancient wisdom teachings and contemporary science recognize that All living systems on earth are interconnected.

When we align our behavior and that which we create with this principle, we embrace the fullness of our being.

The flower of life pattern is found throughout the world appearing in temples in Japan, India, and Egypt and in design patterns from many cultures around the earth.