Friendly Microorganisms - Biosa

Awakening Sanctuary, Inc.-is delighted to inform you about Biosa, the international trade name for a range of microbial products developed by Erik Nielsen, a biodynamic farmer, from Denmark.

The Biosa products consist of only friendly microorganisms that have been fermented with organic grown natural plants and medicinal herbs, which support and maintain our life enhancing eco-system. All products are declared organic according to the very strict EEC regulations and none contains GMO (Genetically Manipulated Organism).

Over the past 8 years Awakening Sanctuary has done research and educated people in regard to working with this and other natural microbial technologies. The outcome is improving the quality of water, air and crops, subsequently supporting natural health and vitality of all living beings. We clearly see that these technologies have a restorative and vitalizing effect on our animal and human populations and environmental systems.

These and other microbial products are available at Vita Living LLC ( Vital Living is a company dedicated to creating a vital and sustainable world and they are generously supporting our nonprofit mission through donations from revenues they generate from the sales of Biosa and other products that contribute to health and vitality. You can learn more about the Biosa company and their products and worldwide mission through their website at ( ).

Friendly microbes

All living matter is comprised of hundreds of thousands of microbes - they are naturally occurring in our soil, water, air, in our bodies and on our skin they are everywhere. The microbial ecology must be in balance to maintain health.

When certain groups of microbes are cultured combined and applied to the ecosystem, beneficial results are achieved such as conservation of energy, out performing disease causing germs and pathogens, increase productivity etc. The friendly microbes are also referred to as antioxidants, reducing the degradation of cells and other materials.

The Biosa products are conveyed in a liquid form and consist of a wide variety of friendly, non-pathogenic microbes of both aerobic and anaerobic types that have been fermented in combination with organic plants and selected medicinal herbs.

Biosa products are widely used in agriculture and live stock, poultry and human beings. Furthermore this mix has become an essential component in converting hazardous waste into useable construction products.

Biosa is a natural technology and has no known adverse effect on plants, animals, humans, or the environment.

Biosa products are used in over 31 countries around the world. For further information please feel free to contact: (worldwide), (USA), or (Canada).